Board Profiles

Max Houseknecht, Jr.

MBA – President & CEO

Board And Partners

On behalf of our Staff and Board of Directors:
Welcome to River Valley Health & Dental

Please let me be the first to thank you for allowing us to serve you as our patient. If we have not yet had the opportunity to welcome you into one of our facilities, I hope that you consider us as you look for your medical home.

Here at River Valley Health & Dental it is our mission to extend God’s healing by providing inclusive, quality primary medical and dental care to all those who need it. We have a strong and dedicated team that provide excellent, quality care through a variety of services across our facilities in Williamsport, Jersey Shore, and Lock Haven.

We strive every day to make a difference in the communities we serve, playing a part in improving the overall healthcare one patient at a time. We are a facility for all members of our community whether you have no insurance, commercial insurance, or public health insurance.

Board of Directors and Committees
  • Executive/Finance Committee: provides guidance to the SCH&DC CEO in implementing Board strategic directions and assists the Board in
    preparation for monthly meetings insuring appropriate governance activities of the Full Board and provides assistance to the Board in fulfilling its
    fiduciary responsibilities, including the completion of the annual audit.
  • Personnel & Nominating Committee: facilitates the selection, nomination and election process of Board Members, and provides assistance to the Board in fulfilling HR-related responsibilities;
  • Public Relations, Marketing & Fundraising Committee: assists the Board in guiding the CEO in areas of public relations, marketing, and fundraising responsibilities.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Committee: oversees the day-to-day quality programming to develop and formally consider any related policies and procedures and develop, implement and monitor the Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Plan including risk management and compliance.

Jean Myers

Board Chair, Business Member, Executive/Finance Committee, Retired, STEP, Inc.

Barbara Vanaskie

Secretary, Business Member and Consumer Member, Executive/Finance Committee, QA/QI Committee, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Coordinator, West Branch Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission

Dr. Ralph Kaiser

Treasurer, Executive/Finance Committee, QA/QI Committee, Consumer Member, Retired Pediatrician, River Valley Health & Dental

Kim Wetherhold

Member at Large, Consumer Member, Executive/Finance Committee, VP Community Retail Manager, Muncy Bank & Trust

Raelyn Jackson

Board Member, Service Navigation Director, STEP, Inc.

Shameka Gray

Board Member, Consumer Member, Direct Services Supervisor at Transitional Living Center, Inc.

Austin White

Board Member, Legal Member, PR/Marketing and Fundraising Committee, Partner at McCormick Law Firm.

Mark Thompson

Board Member, Personnel and Nominating Committee, Sr. HR Manager, Amazon

Rev. Velinda Smith

Board Member, PR/Marketing and Fundraising Committee, Personnel and Nominating Committee, Consumer Member

Abigail Shrom

Board Member, Personnel and Nominating Committee, Consumer Member, Agency Services Coordinator, Central PA Food Bank