Primary Care Providers

River Valley Health & Dental is your medical home to access primary care for all ages. The goal of our care team is to treat patients’ medical needs with respect, dignity and compassion.

Our primary care service offers routine medical care, preventive medicine, personalized care plans, coaching, support, and targeted education that is designed to provide continuity of care. Above all, we seek to work in partnership with you and your family to achieve excellent care in a way that works best for you.

Primary care services at River Valley Health & Dental are
supported by the integration of resources aimed at the
whole person. These resources include:

Pediatrics, chiropractic care, reproductive health, family planning, behavioral health, telepsychiatry, and addiction medicine

  • Care management: The care management program is designed to help patients and their support systems improve health conditions, coordinate care and navigate the healthcare system. By connecting patients directly with nurse care managers, patients can reach their personal health and wellness goals.
  • Community outreach: Identifying and addressing social determinants of health, which can be barriers to accessing care (i.e. limited transportation or food insecurity).
  • Social services: Guiding the patient toward available community resources.
  • Pharmacy: Collaborating with your medical team to ensure access to medications and prevent medication confusion.
  • Dental navigator: Works with primary care to ensure good dental health and access to appropriate dental care, impacting overall health and wellness.

Patient-Centered Care is best provided when a partnership is created between patients, their support system, and our primary care team to
ensure that everyone is supported in making informed decisions and is actively involved in your healthcare. Our clinicians and staff emphasize
evidence-based care and focus on quality improvement to achieve that goal.